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November 9, 2008

Journal entry from “Portraits, Profiles, Proficiencies” course at USM, Fall2007.Please leave your comments and let me know how you feel about theseobservationsor ones you have made on this topic.

Work Ethic: Observations

I grew up believing that everyone needed to work in order to make a positive contribution to society.
I was never told how people figured out what type of career fit their skills.
Havinga good paying job doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be happy on the job. Ilearned that I need interaction with other people during my work day,yetI don’t like mindless prattle or interruptions. I can’t spend five daysaweek, eight hours a day at work and not talk to anyone.
I don’t bringpersonalwork to the office or make personal calls while at work. I don’tlike sittingnext to people who do ALL of their personal calls at work andtalk for 15or 20 minutes at a time, sometimes yelling, sometimes talkingabout reallypersonal matters that should be kept private.
I believe that it is very important to put in the time that the company is paing you for.
I’ve learned that dealing with the public sometimes takes a lot of energy, such as when dealing with rude and obnoxious people.
I have learned that I am open to being more creative at work.

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