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December 23, 2008

I thought I’d take a moment to make a few notes about how I am using Twitter. I use Twitter to gain insight into communications, marketing, public relations. I want to know how to use techniques and technology that others have shown to be successful in their lives. I look for examples. I look for what hasn’t worked for others, too. When someone tweets a question directed at another tweeter, and that tweeter does not respond, then I have to wonder how helpful that tweeter is, the one who can’t answer a newbie’s question. There have been several instances in which someone has asked a question that went unanswered and I wanted to know the answer, too. After this happens several times, I “unfollow” the non-answerer. And I end up searching for the answer elsewhere. I think Twitter is a great place to get the latest news. What better example than the victim of the Denver plane crash who tweeted immediately? These are just a few of my thoughts. What are yours?

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