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January 15, 2009


Occasionally, I am asked to explain what type of editorial content is needed for a newspaper supplement. Below are the guidelines. I am interested in your feedback. 

The special sections department offers the following suggestions for submitting editorial and photos for any of our 65+ themed supplements published throughout the year. We print editorial and photos as space allows. Advertisers can submit articles with photos, articles alone, or photos with captions without an article.

PHOTOS: The best photos show people using the company’s products, and photos of “work in progress” on big projects. Those photos can be a great asset when used in your advertisements. Readers love to see “before-and-after” photos. Hint: Keep a photo identification notebook handy and have people write (print) their name (and job title/company if applicable) as they appear in the photo, from Left to Right; Front row; Row 2; Back row; etc. It is much easier for an advertiser to use their own digital camera and take photos at times convenient for them, rather than schedule a (freelance) photographer, only to have the weather lousy and be unable to take outdoor photos, or have someone absent from a photo on the scheduled date, etc.

ARTICLES: Advertisers can submit an appropriate, previously unpublished article which will be printed as space allows. The guidelines are simple: the article should be on a topic that fits the theme of the supplement and approximately 500 words or less. Contact information is included with the article, such as: “For more information, contact Yourname, businessname, address.” These types of articles are not Profiles of the business – those belong in the Profile section published once a year. View Special Sections articles online at – scroll halfway down the page and look on the right side for the link to Special Sections. 

Please send your special section photos and articles via email:

Copy and paste your article in the body of the e-mail. Attach photos separately which have been saved as 180 dpi jpegs, each with its own caption.

Denise Scammon

Special Sections Editor

104 Park Street, PO Box 4400

Lewiston, Maine 04243-4400


800-482-0759 ext 1297

fax 207-784-5955



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