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Writing for a newspaper supplement

January 16, 2009

Here is another explanation similar to an earlier post that offers suggestions for newspaper supplement editorial content submissions. Again, I encourage your thoughts and comments on updating these “rules.”

Rules for writers

The Sun Journal Special Sections department welcomes submitted articles and photos in order to provide our readers with information from professionals. Publishing decisions are based on some of the department’s standard policies, such as the following guidelines:

Editorial should be informative. Ads coupled with editorial content build incremental credibility for the advertiser. The editorial content should read like news—not sales or a marketing promotion, or the editor will reject it. If it’s a business profile you want to write, purchase a big enough ad to contain your editorial. Or, consider purchasing space in our annual Business Profiles section.

Keep content short and interesting, in a story-like form, and under 500 words. You need to pique the reader’s interest in the first paragraph. Make it easy to read without technical jargon. Include contact information at the end of your article: contact name, phone number and email address.

Examples of good editorial content include the “Top Ten Tips” and “Ask the Experts” type of articles. These articles give the reader solutions to their problems, promote you as a professional and make the reader want to contact you for your help.

If including photos with your article, include descriptive captions. Photos that are e-mailed should be 180 dpi for newspaper printing resolution.

We try to publish as many articles as possible, but do occasionally decline to publish for a variety of reasons. Articles are used as space allows with no guarantees of publication. Editorial submissions are different than paid advertisements and the submitter of editorial is not provided a proof as is done with paid advertisements.

As with any guideline, there are exceptions, and the Sun Journal reserves the right to edit any article submitted for publication. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. If readers have any questions about the Sun Journal’s policies on Special Sections editorial, they are welcome to contact Denise Scammon, Special Sections editor, at 689-2997 or 1-800-482-0759, ext. 2997.

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