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January 19, 2009

From Creative Critical Inquiry, Fall 2008:

Is individuality something that everyone wants to achieve? What does individuality mean?

How is our real inner self expressed? How can a part of us remain unconditioned by others?

Do we have any thoughts that are beneficial? Should we discard all thought?
I think stating that everyone wants to achieve individuality is an umbrella statement and that it is not true for everyone, because there are groups of people in society – the Amish, for one – who actually strive to conform  as a group to appear the same.

Can people show their individuality in some areas of life and not in others? For example, take the Amish. Do they do everything in life the same as each other? Do they have preferences that show their individuality yet let them conform to their group?

Just because intuition and feeling might be sensed quicker than rational thought does not mean that the quicker response is the correct response so I have to disagree with discarding all thought.

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