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I finally figured it out

January 21, 2009

but it took such a long, long time … words from a song by Sister Hazel (It’s All For You).

So, I know why I like to cook. It’s an artistic endeavor. I can be creative as I like, while performing a practical task – making food to eat. Do I select a recipe first or come up with a recipe based on what I have in the refrigerator / pantry? Both! It just depends on the day. It takes time management skills to have four burners going with four different pans – each with its own cooking requirements, one timer and 2 clocks – and get everything cooked so that all four pans are ready at the same time.

The presentation of the food is just as important as using the freshest ingredients. I love it when the foods in a meal are colorful. I make “hot cha chas” a lot for friends and family. Start with a brightly patterned plate. For this meal, I use dinnerware with an Aztec-inspired design. For each plate, crush a handful of tortilla chips on the plate. Top with Hormel’s Vegetarian Chili. It’s 99% fat free and very tasty. Top with shredded Mexican cheese. Nuke until the cheese is melty and chili is heated. Top with Sisters Salsa – a particularly spicy, chunky salsa, lettuce, black olives – whatever you usually have on your tacos.

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