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What’s important for growth

March 6, 2009

What should you or your business be doing in the social media networking sphere? If you want to have conversations with your customers and clients, find out what networks they use. Consider, also, that some sites are real-time while other sites update on a schedule. Real-time is “as it happens” without delay.

  • Web site (separate from blog) for your products / services
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Word processing and project management via the browser (cloud computing)
  • Blog (should be able to link to it from your Web site): WordPress, Blogspot
  • Video sharing, Digital presentations: YouTube, CoverItLive
  • Mobile technology: phones, laptops, PDAs: MacBook, iPhone vs Blackberry

Not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and tooting social media’s horn. Perhaps it is a matter of being unfamiliar with setting up accounts on the various networking sites or how to find people to follow or link to. Businesses show new employees the “ropes” when first hired. Training should be offered for the use of social media networks.

Take advantage of “password strength” gauges on sites such as Twitter. It’s a feature that tests your password and its vulnerability to hacks. Twitter routinely checks against hacks and spammers:

Check out the Twitter productivity tools:

As an adult it is common practice to use your real name as your username on social sites. This grows your brand recognition and makes you – as a person – readily identified in online conversations. “Check User Name” is an online application that lets you check your user name on over 50 social media networking sites. This is great for several reasons, including whether or not your name is being used on a social site you plan on joining and for keeping track of sites you have joined but perhaps don’t visit often.

Conversations and community building. It’s all about connectivity. At the end of the day, it’s all about communication.

If you’re in a business that serves Maine markets, you need to contact me about networking and how the Sun Journal can help.

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