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Social media virtual book club

March 25, 2009
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From Rich Brooks’ post on LinkedIn:

Here’s the deal: Ron Beck and I met at SXSW this year and discovered a deep addiction to business books, and a need to better understand social media.

We agreed to read the same book and keep each other on target for putting what we learned to the test.

We decided on Dave Evans’ Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day as our first book. [ ] We chose it because it had a methodology and a focus on return on investment that we could wrap our heads around.

Then we decided that other people might want to get involved in a hands-on book club, so we decided to create a LinkedIn group around the idea.

You can start late, read ahead, whatever you like. We’re going to be reading the introduction this week and starting in with “Week 1” on 3/30/2009. We’ll be adding discussions for each chapter of the book, and we hope you join us.

We both believe that social media is here to stay. Although it may evolve and change over time, it’s important for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes to understand the power that social media marketing can have for a company. It’s your competitive advantage.

Whether you have a huge Twitter following and a thousand Facebook friends, or you don’t know a tweet from a status update, we invite you to join our club.

As you do join, please let us know about any social media activity you may already be in. Here’s me:

Rich Brooks:

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