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Editor Chat from April 22, 2009

April 30, 2009
Online identities
Image by AJC1 via Flickr

1) Do you have multiple online identities for your writing life and other parts of your life?

[20:31:59] SpecialDee: Newspapers want 2 build online communities; would you blog on your local newspaper’s site if they allowed readers to blog? #editorchat

[20:40:21] gmarkham: @SpecialDee nope. I have nothing that I want to say to the geographic community. #editorchat

[20:44:40] SpecialDee: @gmarkham What if your blog was about writing/journalism, which local businesses would benefit from in their marketing writing? #editorchat

[20:46:12] SpecialDee: Q1: In my work, each supplement has a theme, with a niche audience. #editorchat

[20:53:45] SpecialDee: Q1 I think people read articles based on topics of interest, followed by bylines; but topic makes the reader stick w/article. #editorchat

[20:57:52] SpecialDee: Q1 Most, but not all, of the assignments I give out are to be written in 3rd person. #editorchat

[21:00:54] SpecialDee: Q1 In poetry class we critique each other’s poems each week and 1 question always asked, “who is the speaker?” #editorchat

[21:03:13] bob_bobala: @SpecialDee It’s funny. In fiction you always talk about a writer’s voice, but I want to talk about my character’s voice. #editorchat

[21:21:10] SpecialDee: A speaker has a voice. The voice has a tone. The tone creates the brand. #editorchat

[21:21:30] JDEbberly: RT @SpecialDee: A speaker has a voice. The voice has a tone. The tone creates the brand. #editorchat #Editorchat

[21:29:11] SpecialDee: When you blog a combination of personal and business posts, who owns them, you or your boss? #editorchat

[21:30:08] kristoforlawson: @SpecialDee – depends on your contract… but I would say you should own everything you write, but licence it to your work #editorchat

[21:30:59] BeckyDMBR: @SpecialDee Depends on how the contract’s written. #editorchat

[21:31:17] gmarkham: @SpecialDee If you’re doing it as part of your job, the company owns them. #editorchat

[21:31:25] anndouglas: @SpecialDee The contract should specify rights. and other writers’ orgs have good rights info. #editorchat

[21:33:32] SpecialDee: @anndouglas Thanks. I ask because some blogs have advertising, so who makes the $, you or your boss? Will check #editorchat

[21:42:57] anndouglas: @SpecialDee I’m paid to blog @torontostar + @yahoocanada (freelance; not an employee). Have my own blogs (profile link). #editorchat

[21:50:56] SpecialDee: If you’re using TweetDeck, do a search for #editorchat which creates a column just for tweets on that topic.

[22:03:44] SpecialDee: For an idea on all the SM sites out there and whether or not your username is already taken, visit #editorchat

[22:08:28] SpecialDee: LinkedIn has good discussions, not in real time. FriendFeed has good discussions, real time. #editorchat

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