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Touchpoint Analysis

May 5, 2009
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Touchpoint Analysis done right.

What is a touchpoint map? Touchpoints are issues that are important to your customers. An important issue is your promise versus the customer’s actual experience.

Did you promise them a lot of local news?

Did you promise them an easy search of your site?

How complicated is your rebate process?

In this “real time” world, your customers can post videos about your products/services “in minutes, from any place in the world,” according to Dave Evans in his book, “Social Media Marketing” (p 104).

Potential customers search the Web for information on a topic, product, service. They find conversations. Evans notes that “positive reviews actually outnumber negative stories and reviews” (p 105).

  • Marketing and Operations must work together so the promise IS the experience.
  • Evans includes research on rebates, which he calls a tricky touchpoint. “Estimates vary from 2 percent to 80 percent, … only a portion of all rebates are ever actually collected by consumers owing in part to the often complicated redemption process” (p 105).

What do you want your customers to know versus their experience and message received? Participate in the conversations about your products/service. These conversations become part of your message. Evans says, “you have to analyze both the touchpoint and the associated conversations simultaneously in order to understand the total information on which your potential customer is acting” (p 106).

  • Repeat: Marketing and Operations need to work together.

Touchpoint Analysis: The perception of your product versus how your customers perceive your promise.

Case study: Chili’s parking for “to go” customers.


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