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Working with schools

May 28, 2009

How newspapers can work with schools to prepare junior and high school students for journalistic endeavors

Newspaper staff contacts middle/junior and high schools within the readership area and educates the school staff on how to submit student articles and photos for the newspaper’s academic, bi-weekly print publication.

A volunteer, called an Advisor, is designated at each school, someone who is willing to be the contact person between the students and the newspaper’s student publication editor. The Advisor finds students within the school to write articles and take photos for publication in the newspaper’s student publication and submits those articles and photos to the editor. The student writers consider themselves “staff reporters” for the newspaper produced student publication.

The newspaper editor keeps track of how many articles the student writers submit to the student publication. A banquet is held at the end of the school year to award the student writers based on the number of articles submitted. It is a great program for aspiring writers and reporters.

The final issue of the student publication is dedicated to art and poetry by students from schools that have participated in the newspaper’s student publication program throughout the school year.

As we move online, schools may be able to directly upload their student articles and photos; uploading would be done securely through the schools’ Advisors. The newspaper site would act as a host for the schools’ student publications. A newspaper site is a great venue for student publications.


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