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Difference among media

July 17, 2009

Difference among media

By Denise Scammon

Reading more of Rudi Volti:

Thirty minutes of TV news = one Broadsheet newspaper page. That tells me that you get more news in the newspaper than watching the news.

Newspaper reporting is detached, narrative. TV news is storytelling with visuals. But … newspapers have now moved online and the multimedia aspect is unbelievable. The newspaper I work at has a rich blend of different types of media on its site that allows readers to grab a short piece of a story or jump in for more detail, visuals, sound.

TV news is quickly forgotten, according to studies. But newspaper stories are written so the reader grasps the information in the opening paragraph and can then read further if interested. The Internet now gives newspapers an incredible opportunity to add depth to the news.

Anyone have any likes / dislikes about newspaper sites?


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