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Arts & Humanities

July 26, 2009

Arts & Humanities

General courses, 18 credits:

HUM 201F Creative Writing

HUM 300 Texts & Meanings

HUM 309I United States: Gender, Race & Class

HUM 325I World History & Geography I

HUM 326I World History & Geography II

Service Learning, 3 credits:

HUM 125 French Language & Maine Society

HUM 307F Creative Nonfiction

HUM 350E Cultural Fieldwork

HUM 360 Franco-American Community & Archival Work (also listed as 460)

HUM 370 Literacy Studies

HUM 390

HUM 398 Independent Study

Interdisciplinary, 12 credits:

HUM 213H Metaphor in Literature, Science & Religion

223H Life and Literature after Darwin

?301I French North America

313I What is Race?


318H Photography & Poetry: Two Ways of Speaking

320H African American Literature & Culture

330I Internt’l Labor, Literature & the Arts

389H Sexualities in Literature & Film

Electives, 15 credits (at 300-400 level):

**HUM 305F Creative Writing: Poetry

**HUM 306F Creative Writing: Fiction

Core Requirements:

**LAC 150 Microcomputers & Applications

**LCC 100 Profiles, Proficiencies, Portfolio

**LCC 110C Language & Literacies

**HUM 105F Black & White Photography

**ENG 120H Intro to Literature

**LCC 130K Biology of Human Health w/Lab

LCC 150D Statistics

**LCC 200E Creative Critical Inquiry

LCC 220I U.S. Democracy

**LCC 250G Thinking About Art, Thinking Through Art

LCC 230K Environmental Science w/Lab

**LCC 310J Science, Technology and Society

LCC 320 Sustaining Democracy

LCC 340 Exploring Careers

LCC 350I Global Past, Global Present

LCC 370E Global Ethics

LCC 400 Finding Your Calling (1 credit)

LCC 410 Aesthetic & Political Dimension of Language

LCC 430 Place & Community

LCC 450 Internship

LCC 480 Senior Seminar: Diversity / Sustainability

LCC 490 Portfolio Presentation (1 credit)


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